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Resources and Themes for Reflection: Patience, Energy and Determination

posted Apr 12, 2013, 6:43 AM by Mark Nunberg   [ updated Apr 16, 2013, 6:22 AM by Common Ground Meditation Center ]

Sharing examples of great resolve and patience: refraining from action, words or thoughts when we are clear that it will not help.

Sharing experience of “Patience as grace” - a sense of wisdom or insight having lifted you out of an oppressive state of mind. A realization that patience is always an option, even if a moment ago it seemed unavailable.

Share about your relationship to the self drama of not having enough time. Notice how convincing this is. What perspective frees up the mind?

Joseph Goldstein has said that it is effort that leads to energy. How have you learned to arouse energy in the mind?

Read page 125 in Ajahn’s Sucitto’s book about his practice of non complaining. How do you experience the connection between habits of complaining and the experience of impatience, low energy and lack of resolve?

Additional reflections to consider regarding effort, energy, and dedication (Thank you Scott for these suggestions):
  • What activities energize our practice? What activities exhaust our practice?
  • What motivates us to make effort? The goals of happiness and freedom, or immediate curiosity? What else?
  • How does it feel to exert effort? Is it joyful, or a burden?
  • How does our dedication to the path support our efforts?
Additional resources on Energy:

Joyful Effort by Christina Feldman in Insight Journal, 

Viriya: Courageous Energy, a talk by Joseph Goldstein from last year's 3-month IMS retreat, recommended by Jennie (who was in attendance) to the Buddhist Studies group.

Earthworm Practice Ajahn Passano

Question: Effort Bhante Gunaratana

Joy in Effort from the talks of Thanissaro Bhikku:

Single-Minded Determination from the talks of Thanissaro Bhikku:

Page of quotes is compiled by Gil Fronsdal from a course on the Paramis at the Insight Meditation Center: